The staff and doctors are fully Covid vaccinated and we are also following all covid protocols x

dental insurance

At Haight Street Dental, we accept most PPO (Preferred Provider Organization) and FFS (Fee for Services) insurance. Most PPO and FFS insurance carriers have a minimum coverage that includes an examination, x-rays, and teeth cleaning covered up to 100% without any copayments upfront unless there is a deductible or other copayments as noted by the specific plan. Other non-preventative services (for example, fillings and crowns) are usually covered at a percentage of fees ranging from 30% to 100% depending on the specific plan. Most plans will also include a maximum benefit coverage amount per patient year. Elective or cosmetic services are usually not covered by insurance and normally paid out of pocket at the time of service. As part of our services and as a courtesy, we bill your insurance and help patients file insurance claims electronically on their behalf.

Prior to any services, we try our best to work with the insurance companies to provide you with an estimate of fees associated with any treatment plan as a courtesy. Please remember that any fees quoted by HSD are only an estimate and final charges may differ due to a number of reasons, including but not limited to benefits changes due to annual insurance period change, procedure changes as dictated by the insurance company, waiting periods, and other insurance restrictions.

Final charges including copayments are not finalized until all claims have been processed by your insurance company. If your insurance coverage does not sufficiently cover your treatment fees, these additional fees will be extended to you. Thank you in advance for your understanding and if you would like to know more about specific coverage amounts, you can call your insurance company directly.

Unfortunately, we do not accept HMO or Medi-cal.

New Patient and First Visit

Welcome to Haight Street Dental.  Our goal at Haight Street Dental is to provide quality comprehensive dentistry services in a comfortable and relaxed setting. We try our best to ensure all patients feel welcome, safe, and taken care of from day one.

During your first visit, our dentist will review your dental and medical history, provide a complete dental examination that includes digital x-rays, comprehensive extraoral/intraoral exam, periodontal exam and oral cancer screening to identify issues and possible treatments. The dentist will clearly explain any issues, discuss options and help you choose and plan for the right treatment. During this visit, we will typically proceed with a teeth cleaning that is convenient with you unless other services are necessary or a priority.

The first visit will take approximately an hour, but nothing can happen until you complete the New Patient Forms including the Health History and Registration Form.  To reduce your wait time in our comfortable waiting room, please fill out the New Patient Forms on line or email it to us before your visit.

Current and Returning Patients

We appreciate the opportunity to continue to provide you with quality comprehensive oral health care and the trust that you have placed upon us as your oral healthcare provider. We understand that this opportunity and trust is a privilege and will do everything we can to continue to earn this privilege and trust. We also understand that changes happen, like change in job, insurance, relocation, and even a change in dentist, so please let us know how we can assist you in making this process easier.

Prior to your next scheduled appointment, please let us know if there are any changes upfront and we will do our best to ensure your next visit goes smoothly.